If it hasn’t got a brush or a sponge-tipped applicator, I’m not going there. Even balms are normally out of a pot and the only bullet shaped “thing” that’s been near my pout is a super glossy lisptick that is more gloss that lippie, from Mally (Zooey Doll – the most perfect sheer red I’ve ever worn).

Yes, I’ve been wearing gloss for so long that it would take a lot to tempt me back to anything resembling a lipstick. Even when I want a full hit of colour, it’s a gloss from Bare Escentuals. So the new range of lipsticks from Revlon promising “love at first swipe”, high-impact colour and a feather-light, weightless feel had me intrigued. Particularly as the “show-stopping mouth” is a key look for the summer, and try as I might, (and believe me, I have), it just isn’t happening with a gloss.

Glosses can be soooo forgiving in terms of colours and tone compared to lipsticks which can light up or drain the face in one fell swoop. So I tried five shades across the range to see which shades suit Asian skin tones. First off, all of them have a nice sheen, so I don’t have to suffer too much shine-deprivation. Secondly, they really are as light on the mouth as they claim to be. And thirdly, they have great colour pay-off. And now for the shades:

Blush – a classic pink-ish nude, with a slight frosty sheen.
True Red – classic red from Revlon, on the blue-er side of red
Plum – a deep, deep burgandy.
Coral – a very orange coral, the colour I wish I was bold enough to wear….. maybe one day I’ll have the courage….
Fuchsia – one of the season’s hot colours, best worn with a nude eye to balance the brightness of this shade.

Ok, the bottom line. OK, yes, I’m re-converted. I’ll switch to lipsticks this summer. (Although you’ll have to allow me a little smidgen on gloss on top!)

As for these shades:
Blush – YES – especially with a smokey eye.
True Red – YES – just warm enough to look good on my yellow skin tone
Coral – NO – probably too bright for my skin tone, but would suit fairer Asian skin tones.
Plum – YES – I can imagine this being my go-to colour for the winter months.
Fuchsia – YES – Takes me back to the eighties and this WILL be the colour I wear throughout the summer!

Are you a lipstick lover? Or are you a gloss girl?


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