Time was, the traditional route to Hollywood was become an model, get your face known and work your way into acting.

These days, however, it seems it’s all been turned on it’s head. Scarlett Johanson – the face for Dolce & Gabbana beauty, Charlize Theron – Dior, Madonna – too many to mention…. Not to mention all the actresses whose faces are used to promote Revlon, L’Oreal…I could go on….

The latest recruit to fold is the utterly gorgeous, Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winning actress Natalie Portman, who is to be the new face of Christian Dior Parfums.

Already an Ambassador of Hope for FINCA International, head of her own production company, and films in the making, this collaboration with a perfume and cosmetics house all adds up to making Natalie one very talented and busy lady indeed!


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