Wouldn’t it be just heaven to have a personal stylist at your fingertips to ensure you look uber-fabulous everyday. Bad hair days would be a distant memory, your day look needn’t merge into your evening look and you wouldn’t be scared to try newer on-trend styles.

Sadly that’s not likely to be a reality for most of us anytime soon, so a few tips from one of the masters of the profession are the next best thing. Kerry Warn, International Creative Consultant for John Frieda, has been styling the stars for more years than he cares to remember and if there is something he doesn’t know about hair, it probably isn’t worth knowing. Having just attended a masterclass with the man himself, I now understand how just a couple of insider secrets, a few tricks of the trade (and a handful of pins later!) and mere mortals like us could feel like we have celebrity hair.

Rule number one:
Prep your hair. If you take nothing else from this, just remember: with the correct base preperation every thing else in terms of styling will be much easier. So if you know in advance that you will be going for a curly look, use the correct shampoo and conditioner. (Kerry recommends Curl Around by John Frieda). And if it’s the smooth sleek look you’re after, try the new Smooth Start shampoo and conditioner, available end-June.

Rule number two:
If you’re not sure how much product to use, start with a little. You can always add more but it is very hard to take it out of the hair once you’ve applied it. (A secret tip from Radha Davies of John Frieda – apply Frizz Ease before the towel even touches your hair, after washing and conditioning. The water helps the serum to penetrate more effectively, and if by chance you applied too much, any excess will be wiped away when you towel dry).

Rule number three:
While 23% of women say that fighting the frizz is their number one hair concern, I’ll take a bet that getting more volume into the style is high on the agenda too. A great tip from Kerry is ‘don’t be afraid to backcomb’ – if you do it the right way, that is. Take small sections at the crown, and, holding the hair vertically straight, comb down at the base, three times or four at most. Then smooth over the top, again with the comb to give it that polished look.

Final tip – a natural bristle brush is your best friend when fighting frizz and static, while a good old comb is indispensible when it comes to precision styling.


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