It’s no secret how much I love my mineral make-up and also no secret how hard I have found it in the past to find a concealer that does what it should without making me look worse than I did without it.

Well now I am verging on the ecstatic to report I have found one that does what it should AND, even better, it’s a mineral formulation. And not just any mineral brand. This from the highly regarded Jane Iredale range which I have loved (mostly from afar, I admit!) for a very long time. Ever since I tried and loved her blush that gave me that Norwegian fresh faced glow…..
But I digress ….

Before meeting Jane on her trip here to the UK, I was sent a Sample Kit to get a feel for the whole range, as it contains a selection of foundations, blush, eye colour, lip products and of course, the concealer. Now, I have to admit, I didn’t expect great things from the concealer, as I hadn’t tried and matched the colour to my skin, but to my delight, it did the trick…. and then some!

Circle/Delete No. 3, a Gold/Brown colour quickly and capably covers the shadows and dark circles and doesn’t settle in the fine lines under my eyes. I’m not sure if it contains light reflecting elements within the formulation, but it certainly enlightens the under-eye area to give me a slept-all-through-the-night look.

The creamy formulation contains vitamin K, which is thought to repair the blood vessels and act as a skin bleaching agent to help fade hyperpigmentation, according to the information from Jane Iredale. Whatever the reason, it’s working for me, and when my sample runs out, I fully intend to buy the full size version.


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