As a beauty writer you might expect me to be quite adventurous with my beauty products. Sadly, I can’t honestly say this is always the case. I love playing with all the colours each new season, be it for the face or nails , but when it comes to using these products on a daily basis, the conservative side of me takes a firm hold of the reins and pulls me back.

And so it was that at the QVC press day today, when the very lovely Vanessa of nails inc was giving me a quick manicure, there I was again, opting for all the “safe” colours; the nudes, the corals, and even a translucent shimmery violet that verged on emulating a posh shade of tipp-ex on my dark skin tone. Luckily Vanessa took control and told me to go for The Thames, a glossy deep opaque grey, so directional and bang on trend that I would never have chosen it if left to my own devices. And now I can’t stop looking at my nails, I love the colour and the high gloss finish SO much!

So dear reader, the reason I write this today is to say, don’t do as I do, but please go ahead and do as I preach. Take the leap and go forth with new colours to refresh and enliven your look. Have fun, take risks, play with it and be bold. What’s the worst that can happen? After all, it’s only make-up!


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