Celebrity mens’ fragrances are few and far between when you compare to the myriad available for women. And although you could argue that Marc Jacobs is not a celebrity in the same vein as, say, Sean Connery, Jude Law or Tom Cruise, in certain circles (fashionistas, that means you!) he is God!

So it comes as no surprise to some of us that when Marc Jacobs launches his new fragrance for men, Marc Jacobs Bang (don’t you just LOVE that name!), fashion supremo Marc will appear in his own advertising campaign for the first time. But he’s not just in the ad, he will be baring all, literally! Check him out, lying naked on a silver Mylar bed, with only an oversized bottle of Bang to cover his modesty. Oh-er! Good thing he’s as about as buff as they come.

Piccies shot by Juergen Teller and Robert Mitra, from WWD


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