While I eat sleep and breathe beauty, it doesn’t mean I’m any closer to finding the Holy Grail of the perfect skincare. Or make that the perfect eyecream in particular.

You know the one. Gets rid of all existing lines. Prevents any new ones making their presence known. Eliminates all puffiness. Gets rid of all shadows and dark circles. Gives my eye area a soft fresh radiance, the kind I sported back in my teens. Yes, you know the eye cream I mean. The one that doesn’t exist.

So I’m even more gutted that the latest in a long line of eye creams I’ve just tried, Melatogenine by skincare giant Gatineau, has given me such a bad reaction that I can only describe my skin as suffering from excema – not a pretty sight around the eyes and intensely painful to boot.

Shame really, as I love all the other products in the range, especially the new Age Benefit moisturising cream.

Back to the drawing board on the eye cream though.

Let me know if you’ve had similiar experiences with any of your eye creams in the past. I’d be interested to hear.


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