I am loving the new Ikove Acai Chocolate Age-Resisting Serum, £18.99, for giving all the anti-oxidant properties of dark chocolate without the calories!

Loaded with exotic ingredients from the Amazonian Rainforest including acai berries that have 10 times the antioxidant potency of grapes, radiance restoring rosehip and pure cocoa packed with anti-oxidants it’s the naturally indulgent treat to feed the skin.

Just smooth the super light serum over clean skin first thing under make-up to give your complexion a fast-acting boost or last thing at night to let the nourishing vitamins do their work while you sleep!

And with a recent study carried out by a private Harley Street clinc confirming that nibbling on a bar of dark chocolate could wipe years of your looks, what’s not to love?

Available from www.ikove.co.uk


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