Finding the right shades for Asian skins has always been a bit of a holy grail, so anything that makes the experience easier always gets our vote! So it’s a big hooray for Avon’s new SpectraColour Lipstick.

Not just one, not two, but SEVEN shades of lipstick in one immensely portable little container. Choose from The Pinks, The Roses, The Nudes, The Lilacs, The Wines and The Browns, and each tube will dispense stronger or lighter versions of your favourite colours with a simple twist and click, making it easy to recreate this season’s trends. Go from a softer look during the the day to a stronger look in the evening without carrying around a multitude of lipsticks and glosses.

Finding the perfect red, coral and nude, usually so difficult for Asian skins, has just become a little easier with this innovation in your make-up kit. £10 from


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