You’re never fully dressed without…..

A smile!

Or so the song goes.

But what to do if you have sensitive teeth? A recent survey reveals that 75% of adults in the UK suffer from pain and twinges when consuming sugary, hot or cold foods and drinks and even breathing in cold air (that’ll be me!), leading to many people completely avoiding certain foods – not such a bad idea in the case of the sugary stuff, but do you really want to give up your latte or your herbal tea because it hurts your teeth too much? A sure-fire way to wipe the smile off your face if ever there was one.

Enter the newest innovation from Sensodyne – the Multi Action Gel with iso-activeⓇ technologyl reacts with the heat in the mouth to transform into a microfine foam. It cleans deeper, penetrating through to those hard to reach places such as the back of the mouth and between the teeth and almost acts like a mouthwash into the bargain! Not only does it provide all round protection, cleaning and freshness, it’s also been formulated especially for us senstive souls whose teeth need that extra TLC.

And if all that wasn’t enough for you, there’s even a Whitening version using the same iso-activeⓇ gel-to-foam technology, so now even those with tender teeth can feel fully dressed!


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