Revlon harks back to the age of glamour

It’s been a long time coming, and been threatened many a time, but it’s now official.


Lip glosses have kept us all puckering up for the last few years, and quite frankly, they show no signs of disappearing. But while the allure of the slick-it-on, not-trying-too hard gloss will never die, the launch of Revlon’s Matte Collection with 10 sumptuous lipstick shades to choose from heralds the return of old age full-on glamour in a big way. And not a moment too soon. As the temperatures start to rise, the make-up starts to slide down the face, so anything you can do to minimise the shine and melt has got to be taken seriously. This is definitely make-up for grown-up girls.

Revlon’s new Matte Collection has all you need for the full face make-up, with subtle and not so subtle eye shadows, beautifully soft blushers that just glide on, blendable eyeliners for that sultry smoky look, and don’t even get us started on the lipsticks! Try Strawberry Suede, Really Red or In The Red for a strong, Bollywood-starlet look, or go neutral with Pink About It, Mauve It Over or Pink Pout (a make-up artist favourite) for a more neutral nude look. All the shades boast a stunning matte, suede-like texture that moisturises and doesn’t dry out the lips, and they go on as smoothly as a gloss – what more could you ask for? Affordability, I hear you cry!

Well, if you’re watching the pennies, despair not. The highest priced item is no more than a paltry £7.49. Who said glamour had to be expensive?


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