Beauty Maths…. Freida = Penelope?

Chilling out in Marbella on the south coast of Spain, I got to thinking about the different role models for beauty across the world.  Blonde rules the roost in so many countries, but then there’s the duskier beauty we can all aspire to.  Of course, the Spanish ideal is not so far removed from the Indian one.  Consider Penelope Cruz, currently the highest paid Spanish actress in the world and Freida Pinto, tipped to be the highest paid Indian actress.   (With a rumoured $2-$3 million contract in the offing and a starring role in Woody Allen’s next film – you go, girl!)

Long lush flowing brunette hair?  Check.  Large dark doe eyes?  Check. Rimmed with impossibly long eyelashes?  Check. Bee-stung lips?  Check.  A voluptuous and womanly figure?  Naturally.   Admittedly, the perfectly flawless and undeniably desirable beauty of Aishwariya was inspirational, but always just that little bit too airbrushed-perfect and out of reach.   At last, an international Indian beauty role model that’s a little more do-able.

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